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Klavdija Sitar

A Little Bit About Me

“I live with passion for architecture and I admire its ability to improve life”

Our work includes:

  • Designing and preparation of documentation and plans for acquiring a building permit and implementation of all types of facilities.
  • Designing of interiors of residential premises, hotels, catering establishments, apartments, holiday accommodation, business and production facilities.
  • Designing unique furniture, lamps.
  • Selling all kinds of lamps, furniture and sanitary equipment.
  • Management and implementation of all kinds of works for new constructions and renovations, construction work, craftwork including all related equipment, either of serial furniture manufacturers or unique custom-made products and architect’s ideas.

Most of the people who start a construction project, the construction or renovation of a house, apartment or the arrangement of business premises usually meet the architect or designer at the earliest planning stage. Mostly this cooperation lasts until the completion of the project and the beginning of use. Architecture is a very wide profession, it combines a creative person, engineer, innovator, negotiator, and sometimes psychotherapist in one person. The design of living or business premises is a significant work in dialogue with the customer and reflects the desire for the quality of living or work. Forms, colours, materials and tones reflect this specificity or individual aspiration to complete comfort and aesthetics of living and working. We are always trying to create a space that will be timeless and not be subject to trends, since it must allow the user freedom, the forms should be new, and the space should be modern but not minimalistic. Our ideal client knows what they want, they may have a lot of wishes, but not the time to realise those. We are pleased to be able to take care of renovation and equipping in our hands and with a group of verified subcontractors, we bring the object to the realization exactly as we projected in the project for the client.

We offer our services from idea to relocation to clients. We prepare plans, organise contractors, equip the ambience to the last detail. In our offer we have superior ceramic, parquet, sanitary installation, furniture and lighting of top Italian manufacturers, decoration, …. We coordinate and guide the contractors so that you do not waste valuable time. We have a team of contractors that are expertly trained.

We equip your home to the last detail, we organize cleaning, moving … Everything needed so that you can live it in quickly and comfortably.

Trust us, we have 20 years of experience behind us!

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